Distributor in Togo


Maxime Adadzi 


Maxime AdadziCertified as a Process Communication Trainer by Gérard Collignon and Taibi Kahler in 2007

Managing Partner, Founder Cabinet Meredius Consulting Group based in Lomé

Process Communication Distributor for Togo, Benin and the Ivory Coast



His motto: The Process Communication Model ... a pragmatic tool at the heart of your performance!





Contact him in: English, French, German



- Certified Process Communication Trainer 



- Organizational diagnosis (Theory of Organisations by Eric Berne)
- Conflict Management (Drama Triangle, Dr. Stephen Karpman)




Contact details: 

Tel: +228 90 18 99 98 (Togo)

Tel: +41 76 735 28 07 (Switzerland)

Email: maxime@meredius.com

Web: www.meredius.com´╗┐


66, rue Elavagnon

Qtier Doumassesse









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