Parlez vous Personality?

"Parlez vous Personality?" describes the application of Process Communication in coaching. It is with interest, emotion and sometimes with a smile that the reader will discover the multiple examples used by the authors. They describe clients, coaches, and individuals presenting behaviours we can observe when using the Process Communication Model.


In a playful manner, the reader will discover the model and its application which is not restricted to coaches. Every reader will be amazed when discovering himself in the book.


The book is structured in four sections to describe the concept of the Process Communication Model, links coaching with your clients Personality inventory, show a road map for your coaching as well as examples to ease learning.


"Parlez vous Personality?" was entirely rewritten and is an evolution of the original edition. It is Kathleen Flanagan who translated "Coacher avec la Process Communication" written by Gérard Collignon and Pascal Legrand into English. John Parr then worked with Taibi Kahler to integrate the improvements and accuracy which have been added to the model since the first edition of this book. The book develops provides additional insights into the internal dynamics of human relationships. It includes the PCM take on the concept of developmental stages and explains the process of phasing.





"Parlez vous Personality?" Process Communication for Coaches written by Gérard Collignon, Pascal Legrand and John Parr is published by Kahler Communication Europe.


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